If you’re a writer who wants to work with us, browse these opportunities.

Alexis GrantAlexis Grant: Innovator-in-Chief

Alexis founded Socialexis in 2009, using her background as a journalist and writer to help small businesses create awesome digital content. In addition to running this client-based arm of her business, she creates content for her own brand at alexisgrant.com, offering a newsletter, webinars, ebooks and courses.

Website: http://alexisgrant.com

Twitter: @alexisgrant


Ben MeredithBen Meredith: Lead Overachiever

Master generalist and borderline maniacal multi-tasker, Ben is the project manager for team Socialexis. His role is simple: provide the grease to make everyone else work more smoothly and stay on the same page. He makes sure things are delivered on time and up to the Socialexis standard! When Ben’s not knee-deep in HTML, CSS, WordPress, Hootsuite or MailChimp, you’ll likely find him with a guitar or one of his two sons on his lap.

Website:  http://benandjacq.com

Twitter:  @benunc


Heather van der HoopHeather van der Hoop: Editor

Heather loves words, especially when they are combined in ways that are grammatically correct to tell a great story. She puts her perfectionist tendencies to work editing blog posts and other projects for Socialexis. When Heather isn’t writing or editing, she’s probably lost in a good book, marvelling at the latest scientific advances or climbing a mountain.

Website: http://www.heathervanderhoop.com/

Twitter: @HeathervdH


Susan Shain: Writer & Susan ShainCommunity Builder

Susan is a writer, editor, social media junkie and traveler. Her passion is showing people how to use seasonal adventure jobs to have fun, earn money and travel the world via her blog, Travel Junkette. She’s found another great love in building communities online, which she does for the Socialexis team by creating engaging content and social media campaigns.

Website: http://traveljunkette.com

Twitter: @TravlJunkette


Betsy MikelBetsy Mikel: Editor

Betsy is a word hustler. At any given moment, you’ll find her writing them, reading them or speaking them in French. As an editor for blog posts and newsletters, Betsy’s mission is to make every Socialexis sentence the best it can be.

Website: http://www.betsymikel.com/

Twitter: @betsym


Amanda Shofner: Editor

Amanda is on the path of least revision, fighting the frustration of editing and launching (so you don’t have to). She supplies support and encouragement to grammar sufferers everywhere. As a former teacher, she shares tips that’ll leave you wondering why you ever thought conquering grammar was impossible. Amanda puts her language skills to use for Socialexis by editing blog posts.

Website: http://thepathofleastrevision.com/

Twitter: @amshofner


Image: Andrew KirschnerAndrew Kirschner: Social Media Marketer and Community Builder

Andrew is a social media marketer with a focus on content, branding, and strategy. An ex-designer, Andrew infuses his social media approach with visual storytelling techniques. In his free time you’ll find him buying excessive books at local boutique bookstores and running around Washington DC’s diverse nature scene. 

Website: http://www.andrewkir.com

Twitter: @ankirschner

Kelly Clay: EditorKelly Clay

Kelly is a freelance writer, editor and content marketing strategist from Seattle. She loves helping people tell their stories – and make money! – through the power of blogging. When not online, Kelly can be found hiking, at happy hour with friends or devouring the latest and greatest book about marketing.

Website: http://www.kelly-clay.com/

Twitter: @kellyhclay

Maryann Akinboyewa: Social Media StrategistMaryann Akinboyewa

Maryann is a social media strategist with a love for engaging content and great stories. She’s passionate about blogging, the digital world, travel, and vanilla lattes. When she’s not working on a social media campaign, you can find her reading one of her favorite books and patiently awaiting her next adventure.

Twitter: @himaryann